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Applications for a EC2/BIG-NSE scholarship/position have to be made online, via the application portal (link only works when user logged in). Note that in order to access the application form, you have to login to the area for registered members; just put your username and password into the following form and then press "login". You can then access the "Application portal" submenu. 




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a) I have difficulties to register!

Shortly after having registered, you get a confirmation email automatically sent to your email address (please check your spam folder in case the email has been taken for a spam).

This email confirmation email contains a confirmation link that has to be clicked. In some cases, depending on the browser used, the click does not lead to the wished effect, because only part of the linked URL will be addressed. In this case, please copy the entire URL (web address) contained behing the link to the address field of your browser and then call the corresponding webpage. You should then be able to read a message telling you that your registration has been confirmed.

In case you do not receive the automatic confirmation email or can not confirm the registration yourself, please email me.


b) I have difficulties logging in

Unfortunately, even after having registered and confirmed their registration, some users still experience difficulties while trying to log in. There might be several different reasons for these problems, most of them are due to the large amount of possible browser and browser versions used. Personnaly, i recommend loging in with Internet Explorer (Version 8.0 or higher). It seems to be working finer with our webpages than other browsers. Some difficulties are also related to:


  • Cookies: Please delete all cookies in your internet browserm, start it again and then try again to log in. It helps in many cases.

  • Security certificate: In some cases the security certificate our web page has to be registered manually in your internet browser.

  • Username/password: Last not least: please check if the username/password combination you are using is the correct one!

If all these advices do not help, please email me, I'll try to find another solution to your problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Privacy policy

By registering on our webpage, you give us your permission to collect, process and use the data that you input in this registration form for the purpose of identification to prevent misuse of the password-protected areas of our website.

In addition, if you wish to apply for a EC2/BIG-NSE scholarship/position, we will collect, process and use the data that you input in the application form.

Your application will be processed by the EC2/BIG-NSE Office and all information will be forwarded to the EC2/BIG-NSE Executive Board for further evaluation. As a joint doctoral program involving nine institutions we might have to pass on the data of candidates to our partners in those institutions.

We will do all of the above in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act of the Federal Republic of Germany.

If you have any questions, comments or want to request information regarding which of your personal data we store on our system, please contact:

EC2/BIG-NSE Office:

Dr. J.P. Lonjaret TU Berlin, Sekr. BEL5,
StraƟe des 17. Juni 135; 10623 Berlin
+49 - 30 - 314-23150