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Please find below the list of accepted project proposals for which you could apply for a PhD position starting in October 2020:

List of project proposals

Nr.Project leadersTopicLink
1.Bojdys, ThomasMass- and charge-transport in hybrid organic/inorganic photocatalyst systems (SNPs@LDHs) – a high-throughput approachProposal 1
2.Zebger, Scheller, WollenbergerCombined electrochemical and vibrational spectro-electrochemical studies of enzymatic processes on MIP covered model electrodesProposal 2
3.Kneipp, ArenzMonitoring enzyme function at lipid membranes by SERSProposal 3
4.Mroginski, RappsilberUnderstanding enzymatic catalytic cycles by quantitative crosslinking mass spectrometry and molecular simulationsProposal 4
5.Driess, ChaudretBoosting efficiency of electrocatalytic water-splitting by magnetically induced heatingProposal 5
6.Matera, FuhrmannCoupled atomistic and nanofluidic simulations for electrocatalysisProposal 6
7.Ray, Hasenstab-RiedelC-H bond halogenation reaction mediated by heterodinuclear Fe M (M= Cu, Ag, Au) complexesProposal 7
8.Mroginski, HildebrandtElucidating cause-effect relationships in light-gated enzymes
Based on the vibrational Stark effect. A theoretical approach
Proposal 8
9.Gurlo, LenzAdditive manufacturing (3D printing) of chemo- and biocatalysts with
control over spatial composition and dynamic functionalities
Proposal 9
10.Dobbek, ZebgerSemi-artificial metallo-enzymes for CO2 reduction and oxygenationProposal 10
11.Risse, FreiIn-situ investigations on the geometric and electronic properties of paramagnetic
sites in heterogeneous catalysts under relevant conditions
Proposal 11
12.Heberle, MroginskiFlavin/protein interactions that differently shape the reactivities of the two cofactors in bifurcating electron transfer flavoproteinsProposal 12
13.Kaupp, BraunCarbonylation and carboxylation of alkanes in fluorinated solvents or scCO2Proposal 13