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New stipendiate/kollegiate presentations

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In this serie, all Stipendiates or Kollegiates having entered the School in October 2008 make a short presentation of the workplan of their future PhD. This presentations have to be seen as a preparation for the final presentation on January 9.

The first presentations (with an asterix*) will be monitored by Nathaniel Barron, who will help the lecturer to improve his/her presentation skills in English.


Below, the schedule of the Stipendiate/Kollegiate presentation serie:


--- in construction --


DateTimeNametentative TitelDocuments
Dec0210:00-12:00*Sylvia ReicheLiquid-phase biomass conversion using MWCNT based catalysts
Dec0414:45-17:00*Changzhu WuImmobilization matrices for biocatalysed process
Dec1109:30-11:30*Sara BruunInvestigation of channelrhodopsins
Dec1209:30-11:30*Carlos Carrera

Support and promoter effects in the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propene (ODP): a kinetic study

Dec1515:30-17:00Changzhu Wu IIImmobilization matrices for biocatalysed process
Dec1609:30-11:30Sardor MavlyankarievSeparation of OCM reaction products
Dec1713:30-15:30Lars LauterbachThe soluble hydrogenase from Ralstonia
eutropha H16 and its potential application in bio-solar hydrogen
Dec1810:30-12:00Indrani SenMembrane bound hydrogenases
Dec1815:30-17:00Manuel HarthCharacterisation of the Catalytic Properties of V2O5 with Electrochemical Methods;
Dec1813:30-15:00Stanislav JasoInvestigation of  kinetics for methane coupling reaction
Dec1909:00-10:30Kirstin HobigerVoltage dependency of biomodular enzyme complexes
Dec1910:30-12:00Subhamoy BhattacharyaIntegrated enzymo-chemical oxidation of terminal olefins to long-chain primary alcohols in a two-step catalytic process


* see explanation above



Obligation: high (for "new" students)