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Fr. Jan. 06, 2017 - Programme of the day




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10th BIG-NSE Workshop


Location: C130 (Chemistry Building)

Open for all!

Pictures of the event here!



TimeProgrammeLecturerMain work group
Martin Oestreich
Session moderation:Oliver Lenz
13:20-13:40Application of the "Histidine brace" motif in C−H activating Cu-monooxygenases in artificial catalystsKatrin WarmKallol Ray
13:40-14:00Catalysing thioether bridge formation: Optimized production of a novel lantibioticRobert GiessmannNeubauer
14:00-14:20H2 driven cascade for the enzymatic biosynthesis of N-heterocyclesAmmar Al-ShameriOliver Lenz
14:20-14:40Coffee Break
Session moderation:Martin Oestreich
14:40-15:00Synthesis of transition metal pnictide and chalcogenide catalysts for efficient water splittingRodrigo Beltràn SuitoMatthias Driess
15:00-15:20Electrochemical reduction of CO2 on copper/graphene electrodesShan JiangHolger Dau
15:20-15:40 Ionic transfer process on halonium ions: A strategy for anti-Markovnikov hydrohalogenationWeiqiang ChenMartin Oestreich
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break
Session moderation:Frank Rosowski
16:00-16:20Photochemical generation of hydrosilane surrogates for transfer hydrosilylationPatrizio OrecchiaMartin Oestreich
16:20-16:40Selective oxidations of alkanes: In-situ studies using a high-resolution profile reactor Rhea ChristodoulouFrank Rosowski
16:40-17:00Development of highly stable catalyst for dry reforming of methane using atomic layer depositionPiyush IngaleArne Thomas
around 17:00UniCat New Year Party