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Fr. Jan. 12, 2018 - Programme of the day




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1) Morning: free



 2) Afternoon: 11th BIG-NSE Workshop


Location: C130 (Chemistry Building)

Open for all!


Schedule draft:


TimeProgrammeLecturerMain work group
Johannes Teichert
Session moderation: Kallol Ray
13:40-14:00Molybdoenzymes with novel reactivitiesKim TiedemannLeimkühler
14:00-14:20Optimization of heterologous hydrogenase expression and production: from strain to bioprocess engineeringQin FanNeubauer
14:20-14:40Di-oxygen activation by hetero-bimetallic complexes: an inspiration from natureSayan PaulLimberg
14:40-15:00Coffee Break
Session moderation:Johannes Teichert
15:00-15:20 Enantioselectivity of C(sp3)-Si bondsWenbin MaoOestreich
15:20-15:40Dehydrogenation of alkanes: A photochemical approach using 1,2-AzaborinesAndreas WeidkampOestreich
15:40-16:00C-Si(sp2) cross coupling of silicon nucleophiles with ammonium ionsLiangliang ZhangOestreich
16:00-16:20 Coffee Break
Session moderation:Reinhard Schomäcker
16:20-16:40MXene/CN photocatalytic system for hydrogen generationMengyang YeThomas/Antonietti
16:40-17:00Kinetic and mechanistic aspects of metal-modified-VPP catalyst for butane oxidationHazal KaradagBasCat/Kraehnert
around 17:00UniCat New Year Party