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Fr. Jan. 11, 2019 - Programme of the day




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1) Morning: free



 2) Afternoon: 12th BIG-NSE Workshop


Location: C264 (Chemistry Building)

Open for all!




TimeProgrammeLecturerMain work group
Martin Oestreich
Session moderation: Martin Oestreich
12:30-12:50Transition metal borophosphates for the oxygen evolution reaction ‚ÄčNiklas HaussmannDriess
12:50-13:10Spatially well-defined metal-silylene complexes in selective catalysisShweta KalraDriess
13:10-13:30Ni-catalysed hydrogenative coupling reactionsBenyapa KaewmeeTeichert
13:30-13:50Coffee Break
Session moderation:Matthias Driess
13:50-14:10Asymmetric palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling of alkyl silicon reagents with aromatic halidesMing CuiOestreich
14:10-14:30Bidentate silicon cations as Lewis acids for (catalytic) small molecule activationAvijit RoyOestreich
14:30-14:50The formation of C(Sp3)-Si bondsYan XuOestreich
14:50-15:10 Coffee Break
Session moderation:Frank Rosowski
15:10-15:30Functionalized microporous polymers and carbonaceous catalysts applied in photocatalysis and electro-catalysisJin YangThomas
15:30-15:50Tailored ceramic structure for separation and catalytic applications using electrospinning techniqueAidin NejadsalimGurlo
15:50-16:10Coffee break
Session moderationOliver Lenz
16:10-16:30Water oxidation at neutral pH by electro-deposited cobalt oxides: the role of anions and cations for catalyst structure, stability and activitySi LiuDau
16:30-16:50Investigations on the coupling of acetyl-CoA synthase and CO-dehydrogenaseJakob RuickoldtDobbek
16:50-17:00Closing remarksPeter Hildebrandt
around 17:00UniSysCat programme
17:15-18:00Opening General Assembly 

- Election of the Chair

- Election of the Board

18:00-22:00New Year Party