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Fr. Jan. 08, 2016 - Programme of the day




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9th BIG-NSE Workshop


Location: C130 (Chemistry Building)

Open for all!




ATTENTION! Due to a collision with another event, which would have prevented several Unicat project leaders from listening to the first presentations of our Workshop, the starting time of the programme has been delayed. Please find the new schedule below:


TimeProgrammeLecturerWork Group
Reinhard Schom├Ącker
Session moderation:Reinhard Schom├Ącker
12:20-12:40Copper-catalyzed C(sp3)-Si formation by nucleophilic substitutionWeichao XueOestreich
12:40-13:00Synthesis of metal based catalysts containing pincer ligands with P,N stabilized silylene or germylene moieties as donor atomsErnesto BallesteroDriess
13:00-13:20Silicon(II)-based chelate metal complexes and their applications in CO2 activationYuwen WangDriess
13:20-13:40Development of silylene metal pincer complexes based on peripheral mechanismMin Ha KimDriess
13:40-14:00Coffee Break
Session moderation:Arne Thomas
14:00-14:20Metal nanoparticle synthesis and modification by atomic layer depositionChengyue GuanBasCat
14:20-14:40Copper-based nanostructured catalysts for efficient and selective CO2 electroreductionXingli WangStrasser
14:40-15:00Electrochemical synthesis of hydrogen peroxide using functionalized carbon electrocatalystsYanyan SunStrasser
15:00-15:20Porous carbon nanomaterials for electrodes in microbial fuel cells (MFCs)Shuang LiThomas
15:20-15:40 Coffee Break
Session moderation:Peter Hegemann
15:40-16:00Heteroatom-doped ordered mesoporous carbon and application in hydrogen evolution reactionXiaojia ZhaoThomas
16:00-16:20 Production of target proteins with different non-canonical amino acids in Escherichia coli using genetic code expansionHuan SunBudisa
16:20-16:40Spectroscopic characterisation of enzyme-Rhodopsins, a novel class of photoactive catalystsArita SilapetereHegemann
16:40-17:00Probing the photocycle of phytochromes with resonance Raman spectroscopyDavid BuhrkeHildebrandt
around 17:00Opening ceremony Einstein Centre EC2 and UniCat New Year Party