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Soft skill offer

In addition to the courses and seminars, the students of the BIG-NSE will meet twice a semester to discuss the progress of their projects among themselves in the framework of informal workshops.

The programme of the School includes Summer and Winter Schools that will be open to external researchers and students to develop new ideas and transfer knowledge to research partners and industry.

Since the success of such events depends critically on the involvement of the students, the organisation of the workshops will be put into the hands of the PhD students themselves. Specific seminars for training “soft” skills, which are particularly important for future career prospects, will be offered regularly.

For example, the following courses will be offered:


  • language courses (German for foreigners, advanced English for all)
  • seminars on job applications and getting started
  • training in personal skills (presentation, communication)
  • counselling on setting up a business
  • intellectual property issues
  • project management
  • human resources management
  • negotiating skills
  • funding acquisition
  • etc.


There are also plans to offer excursions to industrial enterprises. The School will also take measures to provide the opportunity for short practical training in industry. This helps students get an insight into possible positions outside the academic sector and may allow them to make contacts that are advantageous for future job applications.