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List of the BIG-NSE-Scholarship Holders/Fellows WS09



    1. Scholarship Holders (selected in April/June 2009) for a programme start at WS 2009


    Scholarship HolderPictureSupervisors
    PhD subject
    1.Nastaran RanjbarProf. Strasser (TU), Prof. Thomas (TU)Oxygen reduction activity and stability of non noble metal catalysts in acid / alkaline environments and fundamental studies to investigate their active site structuresPhD finished!
    2.Dipti Sankar KunduProf. Blechert (TU), Prof. Thomas (TU)Substituted BINOL-Derived Organocatalysis PhD finished!
    3. Jennifer JaitzigProf. Neubauer (TU), Prof. SüßmuthValinomycin Synthetase - Heterologous overexpression, characterization and tailoring. PhD finished!
    4.Battist RabayProf. Braun (HU)C-H Activation of Alkanes in Perfluorinated Solvents PhD finished!
    5.Xenia Erler (ex: Tuaev)Prof. Strasser (TU), Prof. Thomas (TU)In-situ Investigation of Metal Nanoparticle Stability during Electrocatalysis PhD finished!
    6.Nibadita PurkaitProf. Blechert (TU), Prof. Braun (HU)Development of Novel Chiral Zinc Catalysts for Consecutive C-N and C-C Bond Forming Reactions PhD finished!






    2. Fellows (selected August 2009) for a programme start at WS 2009



    PhD subject
    1.Jonathan Heidkamp

    Prof. Dau (FU)Biomimetic catalysts of H2-formation investigated with X-ray spectroscopy and functional studiesPhD finished!
    2.Mahmut YildizProf. Schomäcker (TU), Prof. Thomas (TU)Influences of Support Material Variation on Structure and Catalytic Performance of MnxOy-Na2WO4/SiO2 Catalyst for the Oxidative Coupling of MethanePhD finished!
    3.Mirja KrauseProf. Neubauer (TU), Prof. Leimkühler (UP)Optimization of Molybdoenzyme Expression Through Metabolic Engineering and Media Optimization PhD finished!
    4.Sebastian KracklProf. Driess (TU) 

    Molybdenum Based Model Systems for the Synthesis of C-H Bond Activating Catalysts

    PhD finished!
    5.Chika InoueDr. Enthaler (TU), Prof. Driess (TU)Novel Boryl and Borylene Complexes for Homogeneous Catalysis PhD finished!