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Fr. January 08, 2010 - Programme of the day



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1) 3rd BIG-NSE Workshop


Report and a few pics here.


Location: C130 (Old Chemistry Building of the TU)

Open for all!



TimeProgrammeWork groupLecturerPics
Reinhard Schomäcker, BIG-NSE-Direktor
13:10-13:30 Molybdenum-Based Model Systems for C-H Activating CatalystsDriessSebastian Krackl
13:30-13:50Novel Boryl and Borylene Complexes for Homogeneous CatalysisDriessChika Inoue
13:50-14:10C-H Activation of Alkanes in Perfluorinated SolventsBraunBattist Rabay
14:10-14:30Synthesis and In-situ
Investigation of Metal Nanoparticle Stability
StrasserXenia Tuaev
14:30-14:50Break 1 

Catalysis of Immobilized Metal Redox Centers for Solar Energy Conversion

StrasserNastaran Ranjbar Sahraie
15:10-15:30Synthesis and Characterization of Catalysts for the Oxidative Coupling of MethaneSchomäckerMahmut Yildiz
15:30-15:50Substituted BINOL - derived organocatalysisBlechertDipti Sankar Kundu
15:50-16:10Heterogeneous Organocatalysis with Mesoporous Graphitic Carbon NitrideBlechertParamita Ray
16:10-16:30Break 2
16:30-16:50Hydroamination and Metathesis ReactionBlechertNibadita Purkait
16:50-17:10Biomimetic Catalysts of H2-Formation -
X-ray Spectroscopy on (Electronic) Structure and Functional Studies
DauJonathan Heidkamp
17:10-17:30Optimization of Molybdoenzyme  Expression Through Metabolic Engineering and Media OptimizationNeubauerMirja Krause
17:30-17:50Valinomycin Synthetase - heterologous overexpression, characterization and tailoringNeubauer, Süßmuth

Jennifer Jaitzig 

17:50End of presentations
18:00....UniCat New Year Party
Drink with the BIG-NSE students