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Alumni - Former PhD students of BIG-NSE

Date finishedName
PictureBatchFormer supervisor(s)Area PhDPresent occupation
105March 2020(Dr.) Patrizio OrecchiaWS16Prof. Oestreich (TU)Photochemical generation of diene surrogates for transfer hydrosilylation and transfer hydrogenationFrom April on: Researcher at CaRLa (Jointlab of BASF and University of Heidelberg)
104Jan. 2020(Dr.) Yuwen WangWS15Prof. Driess (TU)A strong σ-donating Bis(silylene)xanthene ligand for efficient Ni-catalyzed homogeneous hydrogenation of olefinsPostDoc in the group of Prof. Dr. Simon Aldridge, at Oxford University
103Oct. 2019(Dr.) Ernesto BallesteroWS15Prof. Driess (TU)Reactivity of zinc(II) phosphaketenyl and arsaketenyl moietiesPostDoc in the Klausen research group, John Hopkins University, USA
102Sept.2019(Dr.) Fang LuoWS14Prof. Strasser (TU)Structure-activity correlations and the nature of the active site in non-noble-metal catalysts for the oxygen reduction reactionPostDoc in the group of Prof. Strasser (TU)
101Sept. 2019(Dr.) Xiaojia Zhao WS15Prof. Thomas (TU)/Prof. Strasser (TU)The preparation of heteroatom doped carbon nanomaterials and their application in electrochemistryDec. 2019 - now: Assistant Professor at the Hebei Normal University in China.
100Aug. 2019Dr. Johannes VierockWS12Prof. Hegemann (HU)Mechanistic study of the gating of
channelrhodopsins and engineering of optogenetic tools
PostDoc in the group of Prof. Hegemann (HU)
99Juli 2019Dr. Chengyue GuanWS15Dr. Rosowski, Dr. Kraehnert (BasCat)/Prof. Schomäcker (TU)Supported Ni catalysts for dry reforming and oxidative coupling of methanefrom August 2019 on: Research group leader at Sinopec Beijing
98June 2019Dr. Weichao XueWS15Prof. Oestreich (TU)/Prof. Teichert (TU)C(sp3)-Si formation via copper-catalyzed cross-coupling of Si-B reagent with electrophilesPostDoc in the group of Prof. Jonathan Nitschke, U. Cambridge
97June 2019Dr. Xingli WangWS15Prof. Strasser (TU) Copper-based nanostructured catalysts for efficient and selective CO2 electroreductionPostDoc in the group of Prof. Strasser
96May 2019Dr. Linda SukmariniWS13Prof. Süßmuth (TU)Engineering of lanthipeptide using standard canonical amino acids and non canonical amino acidsFrom Aug. 2019 on: Working as scientific staff member at RC Biotechnology, Institute of Sciences, Indonesia
95March 2019Dr. David BuhrkeWS15Prof. Hildebrandt (TU), Prof. Friedrich (TU), Prof. Mroginski (TU)Resonance Raman spectroscopic investigation of photoreceptor proteins

PostDoc in the group of Prof. Hildebrandt (TU)

From Sept. 2019 on: PostDoc in the group of Prof. Peter Hamm, U. Zürich

94Jan. 2019Dr. Shuang LiWS15Prof. Thomas (TU)Porous carbon materials synthesized from salt-templating method for electrochemical catalystPostDoc in the group of Prof. Thomas (TU)
93Dec. 2018Dr. Samira ParishanWS13Prof. Schomäcker (TU)Surface microkinetic modelling of the OCM reaction in the presence of Mn-Na2 WO4 / SiO2 catalystResearcher at BASF in Ludwigshafen
92Nov. 2018Dr. Yanyan SunWS15Prof. Strasser (TU)Electrochemical synthesis of hydrogen peroxide using functionalized carbon electrocatalystsPostDoc in the group of Prof. Strasser
91Sept. 2018Dr. Digvijay PorwalWS14Prof. Oestreich (TU)B(C6F5)3-catalysed reduction reactions

from Oct. 2018 on: Scientist, Drug Discovery Department, Selvita S.A., Poznan, Poland

Dec. 2017-Sept. 2018:
Organic Synthesis Specialist II, Contract Chemistry Research, Selvita S.A., Krakow, Poland


90Sept. 2018Dr. Xichang DongWS14Prof. Oestreich (TU)Cu—H catalyzed nonenzymatic kinetic resolution of alcohols with hydrosilanesSince Nov. 2018: Postdoc research with Prof. Bill Morandi at ETH Zurich
89Aug. 2018Dr. Elvis Ongey LegalaWS14Pro. Neubauer (TU)Reconstruction of the lantibiotic ruminococcin-A biosynthesis machinery in Escherichia coli and structural characterizationFrom 09.09.2019: PostDoc research associate at National Institute of Health (NIH), Washington DC
88July 2018Dr. Stefan WahlefeldWS13Prof. Hildebrandt (TU)Soluble [NiFe] hydrogenase: Vibrational spectroscopy of catalytic intermediatesFrom 1.9.2019 on: Postdoc at the TU Hamburg in the group of Andreas Liese, Technical Biocatalysis
87July 2018Dr. Janina PreisslerWS13Prof. Lenz (TU)The soluble, NAD+-reducing hydrogenase from Ralstonia eutropha H16 and its applicationPostDoc in the group of Prof. Peter Neubauer (TU)
86June 2018Dr. Yupeng ZhouWS14Prof. Driess (TU)Synthesis of N-heterocyclic silylene (NHSi) stabilized metal complexes and their applications in catalysisPostDoc at the The Gordon Center for Medical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School (HMS)
85May 2018Dr. Huan WangWS14Dr. Kraehnert (TU)...Investigation on the influence of support pore structure and catalyst composition on the performance in the oxidative coupling of methaneFrom April 2019 to now: Associate Scientist in R&D at BASF Asia Pacific, Process Catalysis and Solid Processing
84March 2018(Dr.) Tomos HarrisWS13Prof. Fischer (now U. Freiburg),...Surface functionalised and nanostructured Transparent Conductive Oxides - towards a platform for (bio)electrocatalysison job search?
83March 2018Dr. Ha Vu LeWS13Prof. Thomas (TU), Prof. Limberg (HU)Bioinspired solid catalysts for the hydroxylation of methane Researcher and teaching assistant in the group of Prof. Nam Phan, HCMC University of Technology, VNU-HCM, Viet Nam
82Jan.2018Dr. Felix PapeWS14Dr. Teichert/Prof. Oestreich (TU)Heterolytic dihydrogen activation by copper(I) complexes and their application in catalysisPostDoc at the University of Bristol, UK, group of Prof. Aggarwal
81Dec. 2017Dr. Hamideh AhiWS13Dr. Trunschke (FHI), Prof. Schlögl (FHI), Dr. Rosowski (BASF)Synthesis of supported molten salt catalysts for the oxidative coupling of methane PostDoc at Fritz-Haber-Institut
80Oct. 2017Dr. Mingjian WangWS13Prof. Budisa (TU), Dr. V. Dumit (U. Freiburg)Heterologous-expression, production and isolation of Curvopeptin in Escherichia coli and Streptomyces lividanson job search?
79Oct. 2017Dr. Nils LindenmaierWS13Prof. Driess (TU) Bioinspired heterobimetallic nickel iron complexes for understanding H2ase and CODH catalysisTraining as a patent attorney in Munich
78July 2017Dr. Patrycja KielbWS13Dr. Weidinger (TU), Prof. Hildebrandt (TU)Redox processes of heme proteins and metalloporphyrins studied by vibrational spectroelectrochemistryPostDoc at Caltech
77June 2017Dr. Manish PareekWS13Prof. Oestreich (TU)Transition metal-catalyzed insertion of Indolynes into interelement bondsPostDoc in the group of Prof. Vincent Gandon, University of Paris Sud, Orsay, France
76May 2017Dr. Laura Carolina Pardo PérezWS12Prof. Fischer (TU, now U. Freiburg), Prof. StrasserNanostructured non-noble metal based electrocatalysts for activation of small molecules O2, H2O and CO2 in energy conversion applicationsPost-Doc at the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin in the Helmholtz Young Investigator Group of Dr. Matthew Mayer on the field of Electrochemical conversion of CO2
75May 2017Dr. Shadan Ghassemi TabriziWS12Prof. Kaupp (TU), Prof. Schomäcker (TU)Theoretical analysis of the spectroscopic properties of biological and synthetic-molecular spin clustersPostDoc in the group of Prof. Kaupp
74March 2017Dr. Roman SchmackWS13Dr. Kraehnert (TU), Prof. Schomäcker (TU)OCM using molten salts - From theoretical understanding to catalyst design05/2017-now: Teacher for Chemistry and Physics at the Lise-Meitner-Highschool/Berlin
73 March 2017Dr. Inés Monte PérezWS12Dr. Kallol Ray (HU), Prof. Limberg (TU)High-valent transition metal oxo/imido complexes for C-H bond activationTeacher in Guadalajara, Mexico
72Feb. 2017Dr. Xuan LiWS13Dr. Trunschke (FHI), Prof. Schlögl (FHI), Dr. Rosowski (BASF)Synthesis, characterization and catalytic testing of metal tungstates as
catalsysts for activation of lower alkanes
Researcher at BASF Shanghai
71Dec. 2016Dr. Maria Gracia Colmenares QuevedoWS12Prof. Aleksander Gurlo (TU), Prof. Thomas (TU)Catalyst preparation for the oxidative coupling of methanePostDoc in the group of Prof. Gurlo
70Sept. 2016Dr. Fang RenWS12Prof. Lensen (TU)Investigation of the cytotoxic effects of surface
on job search?
69July 2016Dr. Ying MaWS12Prof. Budisa (TU)Metabolic engineering of noncanonical aminoacidSince April 2019: Senior project specialist at PAREXEL, Berlin
68June 2016Dr. Mikaela GörlinWS12Prof. Strasser (TU), Prof. Dau (FU)Structure-activity investigations of mixed Ni-Fe oxides as catalysts for electrochemical water splitting05/2017-: PostDoc in the group of Prof. Anders Nilsson, Department of Physics, Alba Nova Research centre, Stockholm University, Stockholm
67May 2016Dr. Fedaa Al MasriWS10Prof. Rück-Braun (TU), Prof. Schomäcker (TU)Synthesis of Water-Soluble Aryl-Based
Phosphine Ligands
Parental leave
66May 2016Dr. Jonathan HeidkampWS09Prof. Dau (FU)Biomimetic catalysts of H2-formation investigated with X-ray spectroscopy and functional studiesIT Consultant / Software Developer at SALT Solutions AG
65March 2016Dr. Ping LuWS12Prof. Neubauer (TU)Cellular responses in two conditions in large-scale
fed-batch bioprocess: effects on the product
synthesis in E.coli
Parental leave?
64Jan. 2016Dr. Arno BergmannWS10Prof. Strasser (TU), Prof. Dau (FU)In situ Structure-Reactivity Studies at Electrified Interfaces for Electrochemical Energy Storage

New (since March 2018): Researcher at Fritz-Haber-Institute, Department Interface Science.

Previously: PostDoc at Bessy, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

63Dec. 2015Dr. Xunhua ZhaoWS11Prof.

Scheffler (FHI) /Dr. Levchenko (FHI), Prof.

Schomäcker (TU)

Adsorbate-adsorbate interactions on metal and metal oxide surfaces: critical role in surface structures and reactionsPostDoc at the Department of Chemistry, Princeton University, Laboratory Prof. A. Selloni
62Nov. 2015Dr. Patrick LittlewoodWS11Prof. Schomäcker (TU), Prof. Thomas (TU)Low-Temperature Dry Reforming of Methane (DRM) over Ni-MnO CatalystsPostDoc between the groups of Prof. Peter C. Stair and Prof. Tobin Marks at Northwestern University in Chicago (from February 2016 on)
61Nov. 2015Dr. Hong Nhan NongWS11Prof. Strasser (TU), Prof. Dau (FU)Synthesis and Characterisation of Core-shell Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Efficient Electrochemical Water SplittingSince 05/2017: Post-Doc in the group of Prof. Robert Schlögl, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion, Mülheim an der Ruhr
60Oct. 2015Dr. Pradip DeyWS10Prof. Haag (FU)/Prof. v. Klitzing (TU)Polyglycerol Based Hydrogels for the Immobilization of Catalytically Active Enzymes and as Scaffolds for Cells04/2017-03/2019: Post-doc in Prof. Suhrit Ghosh’s group IACS Kolkata, India
59Sept. 2015Dr. Setarehalsadat SadjadiWS11Prof. Wozny (TU), Prof. Schomäcker (TU)Fluidized-Bed(-Membrane) Reactor in Miniplant Scale; Challenges and ResultsEnergy Data Scientist - Fresh Energy GmbH, Berlin
58Sept. 2015Dr. Elisabeth SiebertWS10Prof. Hildebrandt (TU)Resonance Raman spectroscopy on the oxygen-tolerant membrane-bound hydrogenase of R. eutrophaDevelopment Engineer at Dr. Türck Ingenieurbüro, Berlin
57Sept. 2015Dr. Lin-Yu JiaoWS11Prof. Oestreich (TU), Prof. Braun (HU)Oxidative Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Cross- Dehydrogenative Coupling of Indole-Type Nuclei with Arenes at the C-7 Position

Since 01/2016: Associate professor at the Northwest University, Xi'an, China

56July 2015Dr. Rashed Al TomaWS10Prof. Süßmuth (TU), Prof. Budisa (TU)Heterologous Expression, Production and Isolation of Novel Biologically Active Ribosomal PeptidesPostDoc in the group of Prof. Süßmuth
55June 2015Dr. Swantje WiebalckWS10Prof.  Tzschucke (FU)Evaluation of tunable ligands for homogenous transition metal catalysisSince May 2017: Teacher for Chemistry and Physics at the Lise-Meitner-Highschool /Berlin
54June 2015Dr. Marius HorchWS10Prof. Hildebrandt (TU)/Dr. Zebger (TU), Dr. Lenz (HU)Active Site Structure and Beyond: Functional Determinants in Metalloprotein Catalysis

07/2015 - 09/2018: PostDoc in the group of Prof. Hildebrandt (TU Berlin)

10/2018 - now: PostDoc at the University of Yorck, UK

53April 2015Dr. Daniel GallegoWS11Prof. Matthias Driess (TU), Prof. Thomas Braun (HU)Introducing Bis(silylene) and Bis(germylene) Pincer Type Ligands in Catalysis

06/2015-01/2017: PostDoc at ICIQ, Tarragona, Spain, in the group of Prof. Dr. Ruben Martin, Homogeneous Catalysis

02/2017-: Assistant professor at Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia  

52April 2015Dr. Gengwen TanWS11Prof. Matthias Driess (TU), Prof. Arne Thomas (TU)Chemical conversion of CO2

05/2015-now: PostDoc at Nanjing University in the group of Prof. Xinping Wang.

From WS2017/2018 on: Associate Professor at Nanjing University

51April 2015Dr. Florian HeimsWS10Prof. Kallol Ray (HU), Prof. Christian Limberg (HU)Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity studies of a Nickel(I)-Nitrenium complex for the stabilization of high-valent M=O moieties through an axial Lewis acidSince 7/2015: Technology Development Engineer in the Tires Development at Continental, Hannover
50March 2015Dr. Moritz BaarWS11Prof. Siegfried Blechert (TU), Prof. Arner Thomas (TU)Photoredox catalysis with carbon nitrides - Synthesis of fluorinated compoundsResearcher at KAO Germany GmbH
49Feb. 2015Dr. Fanni Daruny SypaseuthWS11Prof. Christoph Tzschucke (FU), Dr. Matthias Schwalbe (HU)Electrocatalytic Carbon Dioxide Reduction Using Cationic Cp*-Iridium Complexes Bearing Unsymmetrically Substituted Bipyridine Ligands

01/2017: Researcher in Polymers R&D group of Total, Brussels, Belgium

Previously: PostDoc in the group of Prof. C. Mueller (FU)

48Dec. 2014Dr. Laura ViewegWS11Prof. Roderich Süßmuth (TU), Prof. Leadley (U. Cambridge)Biosynthesis of Abyssomicin Homologues: Formation of Unusual Polyketides

07/2017-10/2018.: Clinical Research Associate (Freelancer) at Novartis

04/2015-07/2018: Project Editor Medicine & Life Sciences at De Gruyter

Since 10/2018: European Correspondent Germany European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network Paris (ECRIN), Based in the national office Berlin

47Sept. 2014Dr. Mahmut YildizWS09Prof. Reinhard Schomäcker (TU), Prof. Arne Thomas (TU)Influences of Support Material Variation on Structure and Catalytic Performance of MnxOy-Na2WO4/SiO2 Catalyst for the Oxidative Coupling of MethaneResearcher at Gebze Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü, Turkey
46Aug. 2014Dr. Elham BaktashWS10Prof. Arne Thomas (TU), Prof. Matthias Driess (TU)Activation of small molecules with porous metal oxides

11/2014-08/2016: ATER at "College de France" in the "Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris", France

09/2016-08/2017: Researcher at hte GmbH Heidelberg

01/2019-now: Research & Development Scientist, Hollingsworth & Vose, Germany

45June 2014Dr. Battist RabayWS09Prof. Braun (HU)C-H Activation of Alkanes in Perfluorinated SolventsApril 2015 - : CEO/ Co-Founder of “Nano-Join GmbH”
44June 2014Dr. Amandine GuietWS10Dr. Fischer (TU), Prof. Thomas (TU)/Prof. Driess (TU)Hydrophobic nanoreactor templating for nanostructured metal- tin rich ITO materials

09/2014-08/2016: ATER (Attaché temporaire d'enseignement et de recherche) at Institut Universitaire de Technologie (IUT), Le Mans Université, France

Since 09/2016: Maître de conférences at Le Mans Université, France

43Mai 2014Dr. Anna Eißler (ex: Penner)SS07Prof. Braun (HU)Rhodium-vermittelte Oxygenierungsreaktionen von Element-Wasserstoff-BindungenOn parental leave
42April 2014Dr. Matthias PartheyWS11Prof. Kaupp (TU)Investigations of Mixed-Valence and Open-Shell Transition-Metal Complexes Employing Modern Density Functional Methods

08/2014-01/2016: Innovation manager at Innovectis, a Technology transfer office of Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

02/2016-08/2019: IP Manager at CYNORA GmbH, Bruchsal; Iridium-free OLED materials

Feb. 2019: Passed European Qualification Examination as European Patent Attorney in 2019

from 09/2019 on: Head of IP Management at Chemische Fabrik BudenheimHead of IP Management at Chemische Fabrik Budenheim

41March 2014Dr. Nastaran Ranjbar SahraieWS09Prof. Strasser (TU)Oxygen reduction activity and stability of non noble metal catalysts in acid / alkaline environments and fundamental studies to investigate their active site structuresFrom July 2018: Springer Nature Managing Editor
40March 2014Dr. Manar ArafehWS10Prof. Lensen (TU), Dr. Fischer (TU)Micro- and Nano- patterned surfaces for selective immobilization for enzymes and cell attachment proteins Assistant professor in Al-Zaytoonah University Amman - Jordan
39Feb. 2014Dr. Xinrui ZhouWS10Prof. Neubauer (TU), Prof. Mikhailopulo (NAS Belarus)Thermostable nucleoside phosphorylases as biocatalysts07/2015-07/2017: PostDoc in Selenium Nucleic Acid Research Institute (Prof. Zhen Huang’s group), College of Life Sciences, Chengdu, China
38Jan. 2014Dr. Mirja krauseWS09Prof. Neubauer (TU), Prof. Wierenga (University of Oulu, Finland)Creating artificial sugar isomerases on the scaffold of a monomeric triosephosphate isomerase (A‐TIM) by protein engineering

02/2014-08/2014: PostDoc in the group of Prof. Neubauer (TU)

10/2014-06/2016: Postdoc at the U. Oulu

Since 07/2016: Research fellow at Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne

& since 10/2016: Research affiliate Monash U.

37Jan. 2014Dr. Xiao XieSS09Prof. R. SchomäckerSynthesis of model nanocatalysts for industrial applications

01/2017–12/2018: Marketing manager at NTec, an international trading company in Düsseldorf

01/2019 – now: Shareholder at Starsky Pharma GmbH, a pharmaceutical start-up company, in Cuxhaven

36Dec. 2013Dr. Lars LauterbachWS08Dr. O. LenzApplied biochemistry, biomedical engineering, marine science, immunology Postdoctoral lecture qualification (“Habilitation”) in the group of Prof. Lenz, TU-Berlin
35Dec. 2013Dr. Heiner SchwarzWS10Dr. R. Horn (FHI), Prof. R. Schlögl (FHI)Fuel-Rich Methane Oxidation in a High-Pressure Flow Reactor studied by Optical-Fiber Laser-
Induced Fluorescence, Multi-Species Sampling Profile Measurements and Microkinetic Simulations
since December 2014 at Clariant, Business Unit Catalysts, in Bruckmühl, in R&D.
34Nov. 2013Dr. Jan LaudenbachSS09Prof. MaultzschRaman spectroscopy of functionalized carbon- nanotubesno information
33Sept. 2013Dr. Jian LiWS10Prof. Neubauer (TU)Multi-scale optimization for heterologous biosynthesis of the nonribosomal peptide antibiotic valinomycin in Escherichia coli

12/2013-08/2017: PostDoc at the Northwestern University (Prof. Michael Jewett's group)

09/2017-: Assistant Prof. at ShanghaiTech U.

32Sept. 2013Dr. Jennifer JaitzigWS09Prof. Neubauer (TU), Prof. Süßmuth (TU)Valinomycin Synthetase - Heterologous overexpression, characterization and tailoring08/2015 - 07/2016: Research scientist at BASF, Biobased Chemicals, NY
08/2017 - 02/2019: Lab team leader Microbiology, BASF Ludwigshafen
02/2019 on: Head of Staff to President Bioscience Research, BASF, NY


31July 2013Dr. Chika InoueWS09Dr. Enthaler (TU), Prof. Driess (TU)Synthesis and characterization of novel metal complexes modified by O,N,O´-ligands and applications in C-C bond formation reactionsWorks for Wiley VCH
30June 2013Dr. Sardor MavlyankarievWS08Dr. Raimund Horn (FHI), Prof. Robert Schlögl (FHI), Prof. Reinhard Schomäcker (TU)Chemical engineering

11/2015-07/2016: Scientific content manager at ResearchGate GmbH

Since 08/2016: Translator at Embassy of Bangladesh in Berlin

29April 2013Dr. Sara Seiffert (né Bruun)WS08Prof. Hildebrandt (TU), Prof. Hegemann (HU)Investigation of Channelrhodopsin 2 Using Resonance Raman SpectroscopySince 02/2016: Product Specialist at B&W Tek Europe GmbH, Mainz
28March 2013Dr. Ingmar Bürstel SS07Prof. Friedrich (HU), Dr. Oliver Lenz (HU)Assembly of the Ni-Fe centre in bacterial, hydrogen-converting enzymes

07/2014-12/2016: Postdoc at Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering, Stanford University

Since 01/2017: Head of Fermentation, Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH, Rheinbreitbach, Rheinland-Pfalz

27Jan. 2013Dr. Bartlomiej KrawczykSS09Prof. Süßmuth (TU)BiotechnologiesResearcher at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH (in Biberach an der Riß), as Head of the drug metabolism laboratory
26Dec. 2012Dr. Kirstin HobigerWS08Prof. Friedrich Th. (TU)Voltage-dependence of modular biocatalystsPostDoc at the Philipps-Universität Marburg
25Nov. 2012Dr. Jacek KozuchSS09Prof. Hildebrandt (TU)Biophysical ChemistryFeb. 2017 -: Postdoc in Stanford (USA), Department of Chemistry, Prof. Steven Boxer
24Nov. 2012Dr. Koteswara Rao VuyyuruSS09Prof. Strasser (TU)Catalytic carbon capturing and biofuel productionPost-Doc in the group of Prof. Anna Fischer Freiburger Materialforschungszentrums — Universität Freiburg
23Nov. 2012Dr. Xenia Erler (ex.: Tuaev)WS09Prof. Strasser (TU)In-situ Investigation of Metal Nanoparticle Stability during ElectrocatalysisProject leader at Anton Par, Department R&D
22Oct. 2012Dr. Hoang Khoa LySS07Prof. Hildebrandt (TU), Prof. Weidinger (TU)Vibrational Spectroscopy, Protein Electrochemistry & Electron Transfer Marie Sklodowska Curie Action Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, UK. Till 2017


21Oct. 2012Dr. Carlos Alberto CarreroWS08Prof. Schomäcker (TU)Petrochemical Engineering, nanocatalysis

04/2013_02/2014: PostDoc at MPI für Chemical Energy Conversion, Mülheim

02/2014-08/2016: Group Leader at University of Madison-Wisconsin, Department of Chemistry

08/2016 - now: Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Auburn University, Alabama

20Sept. 2012 Dr. Nibadita Purkait WS09Prof. Blechert (TU)Heterobimetallic and Monometallic Catalysts for Asymmetric Hydroamination and Tandem Reaction

Group leader at the Haldia University, India

19Sept. 2012 Dr. Dipti Sankar KunduWS09Prof. Blechert (TU)Synthesis of microporous polymeric BINOL-derived phosphoric acids and applications in heterogeneous asymmetric organocatalysis

03/2018 -: Position at Eurofins Agroscience Services, Quality Assurance Unit, Niefern-Öschelbronn, South Germany

18Aug. 2012Dr. Susanne PudollekSS07Prof. Bittl (FU)/Prof. Dau (FU)Multifrequenz-EPR- und ENDOR-Spektroskopie am S2-Zustand des Mangankomplexes im Photosystem IIResearcher at DSR Ingenieurgesellschaft,Berlin (Planungs- und Beratungsleistungen in der Kerntechnik)
17June 2012Dr. Manuel HarthWS08Prof. Schubert (TU)

Investigation of Oxygen Defect Formation in Supported Vanadium Oxide Catalysts by Impedance Spectroscopy

Research engineer at BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH Berlin
16June 2012Dr. Stanislav JasoWS08Wozny (TU), Schomäcker (TU)Modeling and Design of the Fluidized bed Reactor for the Oxidative Coupling of Methane

06/2013-12/2016: Shell Global Solutions Amsterdam; Syngas and Reforming Technologies

Since 01/2017: Shell in Bangalore; Computational researcher - Catalysis

15June 2012Dr. Kathleen SzékerSS09Neubauer (TU), Ansorge-Schumacher (TU)Thermostable nucleoside phosphorylases for the synthesis of modified nucleosides Since August 2017: Research scientist at Xbrane Biopharma, Stockholm
Previously (6/2016-7/2017): Metabolic Engineer at Biopetrolia AB (spin-off from the group of Jens Nielsen, Department of Biology and Biological Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden
14April 2012Dr. Sebastian KracklWS09Driess (TU)/Braun (HU)Beiträge zur Reaktivität und über die katalytischen Eigenschaften von Dimolybdän(III)komplexen mit π-Donorliganden Teacher in Physics and Chemistry at the Steinheim highschool.
13March 2012Dr. Sylvia Becker (née Reiche) WS08Schlögl (FHI), Strasser (TU)Insights into Heterogeneous Catalysts for HMF Synthesis from Biomass

01/2012-11/2016: Group leader at MPI for Energy Conversion in Mülheim (Ruhr)

Since 11/2016: Working in process safety consulting for Inburex Consulting GmbH in Hamm

12Jan. 2012Dr. Nicolas Cruz BournazouSS09Wozny (TU),..Modeling, simulation and optimization of dynamic systems

07/2012 - 12/2018: Postdoc position at TU Berlin/ Bioprocess Engineering (Peter Neubauer)

01/2019 - now: Senior researcher ETH Zürich

01/2019 - now: Process Modeling Expert at Data How - Zürich

11Dec. 2011Dr. Marcel RischSS09Dau (FU), ...Structure and function of water-oxidizing cobalt oxides

2019- now: Nachwuchsgruppe Gestaltung des Sauerstoffentwicklungsmechanismus at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie


Jan. 2016 - now: Project group leader at Institute of Materials Physics, University of Goettingen 

10Dec. 2011Dr. Subhamoy BhattacharyaWS08Kraume, Ansorge-Schumacher...Solvent-free chemo-enzymatic epoxidation: Experimental and kinetic modelling studiesUpdate: Technology Manager, Global Petrochemicals, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen
9Sept. 2011Dr. Changzhu WuWS08Ansorge-SchumacherInorganic chemistry, engineering in food science and technology

Since Jan. 2018: Assistant Professor at Danish Institute for Advanced Study (DIAS), University of Southern Denmark, Odense

Previously: Group leader / Habilitand at Technische Universität Dresden, Institute for Microbiology

8April 2011Dr. Anne HaenchenSS07Süßmuth (TU)/Ansorge-Schumacher (TU)


Synthese von Derivaten des antiviralen Peptidantibiotikums Feglymycin und Studien zur Untersuchung des Wirkmechanismus

Since July 2014 Process Manager in the field of Antibiotics Production at Sandoz GmbH, Kundl, Austria

7January 2011


Dr. Nicolas Marinos


SS07Driess (TU)/Limberg (HU)Untersuchung katalytischer Eigenschaften heterobinuklearer KatalysatorenPV Crystalox Solar Silicon - Department Quality Control, Bitterfeld


6January 2011


Dr. Stefan Pfirrmann


SS07Limberg (HU), Driess (TU)


Aktivierung von H2 und N2 an koordinativ ungesättigten Nickel-zentren in Diketiminato-Komplexen,


Since April 2016: R&D Manager bei Orafol GmbH in Oranienburg, R&D Department


5Dec. 2010


Dr. Sebastian Matera

SS07Scheffler, Reuter (FHI)/Schöll (TU)Coupled first-principles statistical mechanics and continuum fluidphase approach to heterogeneous catalysisSince 06/2014: ECMath group leader at Fachbereich Mathematik/Informatik of FU-Berlin. Group: Artificial Photosynthesis/Scientific Computing


4Dec. 2010Dr. Sebastian ArndtSS07


Schomäcker (TU)/

Driess (TU)


Analysis of metal catalysts with defect structures for the activation of small moleculesHazardous Substances Manager bei PCK Raffinerie GmbH


3Oct. 2010


Dr. Stephan Kempa

SS07Rück-Braun (TU)/Ernsting (HU)Photoswitchable peptides for the light induced regulation of kinases and phosphatasesAtotech Deutschland GmbH, Berlin, BTT - PTH - R&D Development


2Dec. 2009




Dr. Miguel Saggu


SS07Hildebrandt (TU)/B. Friedrich (HU)EPR spectroscopy of active metal ion and radical states in enzymatic catalysisWorking since January 2014 at Genentech in San Francisco. Late Stage Pharmaceutical Development Genentech, Inc. is the biotechnological dependency of Roche




Februar 2009


Dr. Heiko Schadt



Süßmuth (TU)/Ansorge-Schumacher

Abyssomicin C ? An inhibitor
of pABA Biosynthesis



DSM Nutritional Products(Kaiseraugst, Switzerland), then later Novartis